Family Camps

Mansfield Autism Statewide Services is a registered NDIS provider of Short Term Accommodation. We are registered with the Quality and Safeguards Commission as an implementing provider in delivery of supports to NDIS participants.

What is the Family Camp?

The Family Camp is a unique chance for families to spend time together in a supportive and accepting environment while working towards their NDIS goals. We offer 1:1 short term accommodation for children and young people with autism in a camp environment. Each child with autism is supported by an individual worker for the duration of the camp. Parents and carers have the opportunity to attend autism specific workshops each day. Siblings are supported in groups to spend some time with other children who are living with a brother or sister with autism. Each camp runs from Sunday to Fridays for 5 nights. Camp locations can vary; in 2020 our camps will be held in Harrietville and Mt Evelyn.

Our Approach

Using evidence based approaches, we provide the family with much needed training and support while we work towards a participants NDIS goals. All clients are engaged in healthy eating and exercise, daily living activities, self care, emotion regulation and social and communication skill building activities. Our staff use Positive Behavior Supports and practices when working with our clients.

Access Criteria

The Family camp is available to all children across Victoria with a diagnosis of autism, up to the age of 18 years. Family Camps have a limited capacity. For those we are unable to accommodate during the current NDIS plan period, we will confirm in writing when the next family camp dates are available.

What do our families say?

“I was a little apprehensive about coming but the MASS staff made me feel at ease and are so professional. Big tick to our support worker who has been so patient with our child. You have an amazing organisation and should feel very proud”.



How do families access our Family Camp Program?

Families require funding under the NDIS Short Term Accommodation category and Improved Daily Living Skills, as per fee schedule below. All families will need to contact MASS and provide a copy of their child’s autism diagnosis. We will then arrange a time to meet with the family to conduct an Initial Access Interview. All families will be given a schedule of support and service agreement outlining cost and dates of service


Camp Dates

2020: January 19 to 24 – Harrietville

2020: March 29 – 3rd April – Oasis

2020: September 13 – 18 Harrietville

2020: December 6 – 11 – Oasis



MASS is an eligible TTP Provider. Our service rates are in accordance with the current NDIS Price guide.

You can view the current NDIS Price Guide here.