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Mansfield Autism Practitioners

Mansfield Autism Practitioners

What is the Mansfield Autism Practitioner – in home service?

We offer a transdisciplinary model of service working within the family home. Our MAPs are available at the times when families need it the most, working outside of school hours to deliver support at the key times for families – mealtimes, transitions home from school, morning routines, sleep routines and times of self-care. We model and support individuals to build capacity for independence as well as building healthy relationships and managing social and emotional development.

The MAP service is flexible and responsive to participant needs and goals, in general MAPs work in the family home on: daily living skills such as toileting, self care, personal hygiene, eating programs, sleep hygiene, routines: night time, morning and after school routines, social and communication skills, emotion regulation.

MAPs may stay within the family home, or alternative accommodation nearby and stay for between 1 to 5 days at a time. We are unlike any other model and we are proud of this approach. Within a year, we like to visit our clients over 92 hours. It is this intensive support model where we make our greatest impact of reducing disruptive behaivours and increasing adaptive behaviours (daily living, communication and social skills)

Access Criteria

The MAP service is available to all families across Victoria with a child with an autism diagnosis, up to the age of 18 years.

Mansfield Autism Practitioner in home with a child

Our Approach

Mansfield Autism staff use positive behaviour supports and practices when working with our clients. We specialise in capacity building, skill development, and developing and implementing practical intervention strategies.

Evidence Based

Our model of service was evaluated by Monash University, Dr Avril Brereton & Ms Kerry Bull, 2011 as an effective ASD model and a broader adoption of the model across the sector was justified and recommended.

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“Having a MAP practitioner who comes to our house and sees and hears our struggles that our regular therapists don’t get to see is really helpful. We don’t have to constantly explain what is happening. We have never had a support service provider help our entire family. Having our MAP come stay to see the true reality of living with autism has been beneficial to everyone.”


My children and I look forward to our practitioner visits. We are always excited to see our practitioner and learn from her, we enjoy the family activities, new routines/suggestions when problem solving conflict and or behaviours. Our MAP helps create a family environment that is structured, caring, comfortable and that works for everybody. A positive experience for the entire family. Our MAP is culturally aware and sensitive to all our cultural beliefs and practices, I feel 100% happy and comfortable with having our MAP in our home. Thank you Mansfield.

I would be completely lost without this service and I truly believe my child would not have developed and improved in daily life skills and positive behavioural changes without my MAPS’s expertise, understanding and guidance.

I wish this service would be available to more Families and funded to support more families

How to access MAP in home service

Families require funding under the NDIS Capacity Building: Improved Relationships or Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living Skills categories. We may require funding to conduct a Functional Behaviour Assessment and Intervention Plan.


Mansfield Autism Statewide Services is a registered NDIS provider of Improved Relationships and Improved Daily Living. Mansfield Autism Practitioners (MAPs) are behaviour support practitioners and work within the Quality and Safeguards Commissions Positive Behaviour Support Capability framework. MAPs also deliver Therapeutic Supports and Early Intervention services to build capacity to manage everyday tasks independently.

Mansfield Autism is an eligible TTP Provider. Our service rates are in accordance with the NDIS Price guide.

You can view the current NDIS Price Guide here.