How you can get involved

There are many ways that you can help provide positive futures for young people with autism and their families. Mansfield Autism is a not for profit organisation overseen by a volunteer board and is registered as a charity.

Operation Gamechanger

Our current premises have served us well, but we just do not have the room to expand to cater for the demand for our services. So we bought a 100 acre farm, on the outskirts of town, that’s big enough for us to grow. And the benefits of being out at the farm will be incredible for our clients and students.

Our masterplan for the farm, dubbed Operation Gamechanger, includes a new term therapeutic school campus, residences for students, respite and crisis care, recreational facilities, family camp, equine therapy centre, swimming pool, walking & cycling tracks and professional development training facilities.

The total cost is over $50m and we have secured over $16m in external funding; substantially from state and federal governments, and also from philanthropic trusts and donations.  We have borrowed and sold existing land and buildings to match this investment.  All up Mansfield Autism have contributed over $16m for Operation Gamechanger and our capacity to invest further is exhausted.  Every dollar raised or donated is vital to see our vision of a Centre of Excellence Therapeutic Care Farm, for expanded services for autistic children and their families, become reality.

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Rider in high country

Mansfield Rideathon

Register to ride for autism in November 2023 & raise much needed funds

Ride anywhere, anytime.Your horse, borrow one or with a trail operator.

In an arena, on a trail – wherever you find your bum in a saddle.

Or if you don’t ride, please sponsor one of our registered riders.

Or attend a Rideathon event:
Breakfast on the Lawn
Open Day at the Farm
High Country Movie Night
High Country Dance

All funds go toward Operation Gamechanger

holding hands

Corporate Partnerships

We know your corporate social responsibility matters to you as does your reputation.

Our 50 year history of supporting families living with autism has been achieved by recognising the importance of partnerships and collective responsibility.

If you are interested in partnering with us to achieve great things, we would love to hear from you.

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day at the races


Your assistance in raising funds for Mansfield Autism would be fantastic.

If you have an idea about how to raise funds and would like to chat it through, we would love to hear from you.

Or become a ‘Champion’ with your own microsite through Play for Purpose, to sell raffle tickets on our behalf, with your own unique message and story, for massive prizes.

$5 of every $10 ticket sold comes directly to us.

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raised garden bed


We would love a hand. Your skill set and enthusiasm may be just what we need. We do have project working bees throughout the year.

And the development of the farm will uncover all manner of opportunities.

We know your time is valuable, but if you think you can help out please let us know.

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bike riding with a dog


Mansfield Autism has a healthy list of things we need for the farm and for our ongoing programs.

If you have goods, services or equipment that you are happy to donate and you think may be of value to us, please contact us.

Recent donations of goods include a fire pit and whipper snipper for the farm.

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The farm house

Leave a gift in your will

Mansfield Autism treats gifts left to us in wills very carefully.

Funds are invested for the future and will be used for ‘Operation Gamechanger’ unless your instructions indicate otherwise.

It is important to get advice regarding your will and we recommend you discuss your intentions with your family.

Your online donation is fully tax deductible and will be used to support Victorian families living with autism.
Your donation will be used toward the masterplan development at our new farm, unless otherwise requested and agreed.

Your support, no matter how small, will make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration.