Placement Enrolment 2024

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Information about this form (please read before completing)

This confidential enrolment form asks for personal information about the client, family members and others that provide care for them. The main purpose for collecting this information is so that Mansfield Autism Statewide Services can allocate staff and resources to provide the right support needs.

Health information is asked for so that staff at Mansfield Autism can properly care for the client. This includes information about any medical conditions the client may have, medication they may rely on while in our care, any known allergies and contact details of the client’s doctor. Mansfield Autism Statewide Services depends on all relevant health information being provided; withholding some health information may put the client’s health at risk.

Mansfield Autism requires information about all parents, guardians, or carers so that we can take account of family arrangements. Any Family Court Orders with access restrictions and parenting plans should be made available to us. Please tell us as soon as possible about any changes to these arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact the CEO Ms Simone Reeves if you would like to discuss, in strict confidence, any matters relating to family arrangements.

We respect the privacy of people who use our services and their right to choose if, when and how their information is collected, used and/or shared with others. We will only collect information about a person using a service that is needed for their care and support, and then only if the person (or their parent or guardian if a child) agrees, that is, gives their consent. All information is treated confidentially and in accordance with our privacy policy.