Therapeutic Residential Placement


Mansfield Autism Statewide Services is a registered NDIS provider of Improved Relationships, Improved Daily Living and core Short Term Accommodation. MASS is registered with the Quality and Safeguards Commission to deliver Specialist Behavior Intervention Support and is an implementing provider of these supports to NDIS participants. We have specialist accommodation at our residence in Mansfield for children and young people with autism.

What is the Therapeutic Residential Placement?

Our Service

We offer an intensive 24/7 model of therapeutic support over a nine-week period, which provides a highly supportive and consistent environment structured to reduce anxieties and build capacity to learn new skills. Our autism practitioners (MAPs) further support the transition of the skills developed at the Therapeutic Placement into the home environment. Where possible, MAPs will live with families to integrate the strategies into the home environment. The therapeutic program is purposefully designed with activities such as yoga, swimming and equine facilitated learning to reduce anxious behaviors. All clients participate in these activities alongside individualized and tailored interventions that are developed through a Behavior Support Plan.

Our Approach

Evidence based – MASS staff use Positive Behavior Supports and practices when working with our clients. We specialize in capacity building, skill development, and developing practical intervention strategies that can be transferred to the home environment.

The placement is flexible and responsive to participant needs and goals. As a guide, we build capacity within the following domains:

• Daily Living Skills such as toileting, self-care, personal hygiene

• Eating Programs
• Sleep hygiene
• Routines: night-time, morning and after school routines
• Social and Communication skills
• Emotion Regulation




Access Criteria

Victorian children 6-18 years with a diagnosis of autism may attend. Therapeutic Placements have a limted capacity – for those who cannot be accomodated during their current NDIS plan period, we will confirm in writing when the next residential placement dates are available. We are unable to hold places without funding approval within a clients NDIS plan.

What do our families say?

“The education that we received was unbelievable. After parenting this child for 11 years and having no idea what was going on, I am now more aware of how my son thinks”.

How do families access our Therapeutic Placement?

Families require specific funding as per fee schedule in the brochure.

All families will need to contact MASS and provide us with a copy of their diagnosis. We will then arrange a time to meet with the family to conduct an Initial Access Interview. All families will be give a schedule of support and service agreement outlining cost and dates of service.

MASS is an eligible TTP Provider. Our service rates are in accordance with the current NDIS Price guide.

You can view the current NDIS Price Guide here.