Residential School Holiday Program

Mansfield Autism Statewide Services is a registered NDIS provider of Short Term Accommodation. We are registered with the Quality and Safeguards Commission as an implementing provider in delivery of supports to NDIS participants. We have specialist accommodation at our residence in Mansfield for children and young people with autism.


What is the School Holiday Accommodation program?

We offer short term accommodation for children and young people with autism during the school holiday periods. The school holiday program operates from our residence in Mansfield with a maximum capacity of 8 participants for each program. The focus is on providing a fun holiday in a structured and supportive environment. Staffing levels during these placements are matched
with the needs of each participant and their NDIS goals. Each holiday program is 3 to 4 days in length. The school holiday program includes: Community Access designed to explore the beautiful natural environment of Mansfield, health and well being activities, healthy eating and nutrition, self care and daily living skills. For clients who have had a previous residential nine week placement – the
holiday program is a great way to extend and refresh the skills that have been learnt.


Our Approach

To provide the family with much-needed respite while we work towards the participants NDIS goals. All clients are engaged in healthy eating, daily activities (community), self care, social and communication skill building activities. Our staff use evidence-based Positive Behavior Supports and practices when working with our clients.


Access Criteria

The School Holiday Program is available to all clients across Victoria with a diagnosis of autism, up to the age of 16 years. School holiday programs have a limited capacity and clients are allocated in request order. For those we are unable to accommodate during their current NDIS plan period, we will confirm in writing when the next accommodation dates are available.


How do families access our School Holiday program?

Families require funding under the NDIS Short Term Accommodation category, as per fee schedule below and based on individual needs of 1:1 staff ratio or 1:2 staff ratio


Note* clients with restrictive practices (such as medication), will need to have a NDIS Behaviour Support Plan, developed by a specialist behaviour support practitioner and lodged with the Quality and Safeguards Commission. Thus, clients may also need funding within the Capacity Building – Improved Relationships category for this plan to be developed prior to accessing this program.


All families will need to contact MASS and provid a copy of their autism diagnosis. We will then arrange a time to meet with teh family to conduct an Initial Access Interview. All families will be given a schedule of support and service agreement outling cost and dates of service.