If our service has not met your expectations you may make a written complaint to our director. We encourage you to let us know of your concerns or issues by speaking to us or putting your complaint in writing. Your complaint will be taken seriously, investigated and followed up with appropriate actions. All complaints are confidential.

Mansfield Autism Statewide Services provides a number of  services. You can make a complaint about any of them.

  • Mansfield Autism School
  • Mansfield Residential
  • HCWA Early Intervention Mansfield
  • Dookie Campus Secondary School
  • Mansfield Autism Practitioner In Home Service
  • Acorn (Adult Services)
  • Crossroads ( Adult Residential)

Who can complain?

  • A client of MASS
  • A client’s family
  • A client’s friend
  • Agencies
  • Advocate and support groups
  • Members of Parliament
  • Department staff
  • Members of the public

Complaints can be verbal or in writing.

 If you need help to WRITE down you complaint we can assist or find an advocate to assist you.

 What happens to the information collected about complaints?

Your complaint information is used to investigate and hopefully resolve your matter and that may involve sharing the information with other relevant areas within MASS.

Statistical information regarding complaints is also used to improve the Organisations services, and to help us better understand community needs and respond more positively to complaints or  suggestions. The use of this information for these purposes is carefully controlled to ensure that it is done in accordance with the Information Privacy Act and the Health Records Act.

What can you make a complaint about? Unprofessional Behaviour, Poor Advice, Unsatisfactory Service, Misuse of Information.

Contact us and MASS will:

  • Listen
  • Give you information and advice
  • Help you get answers to your questions
  • Try to resolve your complaint
  • Deal with issues in a timely manner
  • Keep you up-to-date on your complaint’s progress
  • Provide advice about other internal and external
  • Review options, where appropriate

What to include in your complaint:

  • Stick to the main facts
  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Put it in your own words
  • What was the date and time?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Do you have any relevant documents?
  • Do you have any relevant photographs?
  • What impact have the matters in your complaint had on you?
  • What outcome are you seeking?

How will I know what is happening with my complaint? 

  • Call us and check on the progress of you complaint
  • We can explain the process for to you
  • We will indicate how long the process will take
  • We will advise you how simple or complex we think you problem will be to resolve



MASS can arrange for an interpreter if you or anyone you know who wishes to make a complaint , requires that help?

If you want someone else to lodge the complaint on your behalf , you will need to give the written permission  to do so.



  • The staff member involved in your issue
  • Their supervisor or manager
  • Our Administration office in Mansfield


To download a complaints brochure click HERE.

To lodge a written complaint download our COMPLAINTS FORM or contact us through our CONTACT US page

COMPLAINTS CAN ALSO BE MADE DIRECTLY TO : The Disability Service Commissioner

Complaint Form link:


Disability Services Commissioner

Level 30 , 570 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000

ph 1800 677 342 (free call)

Email –