For our Mansfield Residents we offer a small number of placements as Day Students. Our Day Students may be full time or dual enrolment students. We follow the Victorian Curriculum with a strong commitment to Health and Wellbeing. We offer all students a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to the individual, their strengths and interests. All students participate in a wide range of activities within the community.


For our Mansfield residents we offer a small number of day placements at our school campus in Mansfield. Clients with a diagnosis of autism and aged between from 5 to 18 years are eligible to attend our Therapeutic Residential Placement or Day Program. Those enrolling in our Day Program can do so as a dual enrollment or full time student. Our highly individualized program runs from our campus at 81 Highett St, Mansfield.

Our program is designed to reduce anxiety – clients participate in activities alongside individualized interventions. Our curriculum reflects the skills required for every day life. The program at our Mansfield campus is individual, flexible & strengths based. We tailor all programs towards reducing anxiety, building capacity and developing personal self. We have a strong emphasis on health and well-being, taking care to provide our students with an active and balanced lifestyle. The school is committed to offering students a safe and supportive environment which allows clients a chance to explore a range of activities and interest areas. We are a technology free program.

Clients regularly participate in music, yoga, massage and equilearn programs. These sessions are undertaken by specialized instructors.

Each term we can have up to eight residential clients and up to four day clients who participate in highly individualized learning programs. We have three classrooms each with a teacher and an assistant. We encourage families and teachers to spend time in our school to learn first hand strategies that we use.

Allocation of time across key learning areas:

Students attending our Mansfield campus all have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Most students have additional co-morbid diagnosis as well. Our curriculum is reflective of the health and well-being needs of our students, with a strong emphasis on the health and well-being curriculum.

We have two cohorts of students who attend our campus: 1) day students and 2) residential 9 week placement students. For our day students our Mansfield campus curriculum encompasses six curriculum learning areas of the Victorian Curriculum Framework. We do not teach languages or digital technology. The six curriculum areas are Health & PE, English, Mathematics, Art, Science, Humanities (if applicable) and the Capabilities. Most of our day students also have an intellectual disability and as such the curriculum delivered is largely the A – D Towards Foundation curriculum.

We allocate 50 % of our curriculum (hours allocated) towards the Health and PE curriculum – this framework builds on students physical and movement skills, mental health and well-being, personal development and food nutrition. Students spend approximately 4 – 5 hours per week with individualized English programs, our English curriculum is also functional and taught through community engagement activities. The Mansfield curriculum proportions 4 – 5 hours a week of teaching of the Mathematics framework, this is frequently integrated into community engagement activities and is functional. The Arts curriculum has an emphasis on Visual Arts & Music with 1 – 2 hours spent on this curriculum per week. Students spend approx. 1 hr per week working towards the Humanities / Science learning areas. The capabilities within the curriculum framework are an important component of our teaching – our curriculum will be flexible to suit the social and emotional needs of our students in addressing the capabilities (personal and social capability and critical and creative thinking capability).


Download a copy of our Mansfield Campus Curriculum Planner.